Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Trends To Expect In The Year 2020

marketing trends steadily keep changing the current and if you give it a pass,
no sooner would you find yourself fighting the rough waters. Though some of the
principles of affiliate marketing remain true for years, most of them often
come and go all the time, more or less like the monsoon rain.

we are going to cover the most potent affiliate marketing trends of 2020 so
that you can stay well ahead of the giant wave and sail your sales to the
best-known peaks in the given timeframe.

1. Content: The
Crown of All

as of past, will remain the most essential segment of affiliate marketing in
2020 as well. Hence, it will rule the rooster. Quality content is being
productized by the organizations that hit the bull’s eye with customers and
search engines. The traditional approach to content would be eventually topped
with audiovisual content and slide shows, images, video demos of products and
services. The word content in the shape of buyer guides, editorials, and other
educational tips will continue to gain scale.

2.    Discounting

is leveraged as a tactic to stay ahead of the competition on e-commerce
platforms. These leading affiliate marketing platforms divert sales to
online-stores through high-end promotions and charge a commission for the
directed traffic to their websites. A chunk of this commission is given back to
the customer as a cashback, which makes the customer happy and satisfied over a
great deal on each purchase. Such indirect discounting through affiliates will
see an escalating trend in the year 2020.

3.    AI Tools

Intelligence is the current buzz with a broad spectrum bound to change multiple
facets of our lives with its greatest impact on affiliate marketing and medical
research. A wide array of AI tools is coming up for affiliate players, be it
automating basic functionalities or running programmatic rules that
organizations set. One such example is smart eCPAs which monitor a wide variety
of variables and adjust traffic to achieve your eCPA goals. Google Ads are
presently using AI to make creatives for ads automatically using available data
like the content on landing pages or photos on google maps. This is going to
hugely benefit small businesses with no marketing departments.

4. A surge in not-so-popular

While the categories like fashion, travel, and electronics dominate the on-line shopping trends, there will be a significant focus on certain off-beat categories such as grocery, medicine and imitation jewelry in 2020. This can be significantly attributed to the changing lifestyles and increasing disposable income per family. Grocery delivery and prescription medicine are catching the trend at an accelerating pace. With improved supply chains, online shopping portals can deliver these every-day items in a matter of hours. Having said that, affiliates will be able to pursue greater commissions on such products in the coming year.

5.  Voice search optimization
A new dimension in the world of internet searches have been added, thanks to mobile phone and home assistants like Google Home and Siri. So, to keep pace with the changing trends, affiliate marketers will have to greatly emphasize on optimizing for voice searches. So, the focus of SEO professionals will be on natural language and long-tail keywords to be used as voice commands. Mid-level players would soon be switching over to voice search in 2020.

marketing has been an area of interest for many years now. How the
above-mentioned trends play out in 2020 and how much significant bounce the
sector receives remains an exciting apprehension.


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