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10 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Any Money Online Still

There is no doubt that the field of self-employment or online work has become an area that can't be underestimated in any way, there are many countries, led by the United States that has become mainly dependent on entrepreneurship, as this sector has recently contributed to the equivalent of 715 billion dollars for the US economy, and not only that, you will be surprised to learn that 80% of the employees of regular bodies are now planning to leave their jobs and turn to self-employment and online work.
Working online Although it has many advantages, also has some disadvantages that make you get bored quickly.

So today, let's look at 10 Reasons Why You Are Not Making Any Money Online and why you are not going to still make any money if you do not change your strategy and tactics.

1. You Can't Catch Up With The Trends
There is tremendous and continuous development in the Internet world, what worked last year did not work the same way this year, so you must keep abreast of …

10 Differences Between CPA and Other Forms Of Affiliate Marketing

Many times you heard the term CPA, and probably you wondered how is it different than Affiliate marketing? In this guide, we will try to explain 10 important differences between them.

1. Basic differences

For starters, let's clarify what is exactly CPA? It's Cost Per Action, or sometimes Cost Per Acquisition- it means you are paid for an action taken. In CPA you can earn by completing actions like getting a user to fill up a form or take any other desired action. The affiliate marketing enables a person to promote somebody else's products and earn a commission from each sale, so in affiliate marketing, you get paid when somebody purchases a product. This is the basic difference between them.

2. CPA offers can be easily promoted as compared to affiliate offers

CPA is considered to be easier than affiliate marketing because here you get paid for sending a lead. If the traffic sent converts into a lead, that's it, you are done with your job, the rest is left with the fi…